Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Summary: Jan 31-Feb 6

Mon- AM: 16 miles (2:10) Nisene-West Ridge, 1734'
Went back to Nisene as promised, and wow, what a trail! The lush forest completely surrounded me with sunlight poking through, highlighting a very gentle mist. Amazing. Felt kind of slow heading from the house to the West Ridge trailhead, but I think that's due in part to the slight uphill. Played around on the single track for only a few miles because I didn't bring water/food and didn't want to get stuck in the middle of the forest. I figure I'll go out Saturday before work and do the full WR/fireroad loop...should be around 23-24 miles. The footing was pretty sloppy and technical at times because of yesterday's downpour mixed with the 101's...the super low-profile tread obviously didn't excel in these conditions. My legs started to loosen up with the ups and downs of the trail, and at a few points on the downhills I had to check my speed. =] Finding a new trail (single track, no less!) and exploring the unknown always reminds me why I run. Also, I can definitely feel that I'm getting stronge/faster on the hills, which I owe to running Wilder everyday. Glad I've moved the majority of my miles to the trails. Breakfast was: two slices of double fiber toast w/ peanut butter & jelly (unfortunately, all I could find), coffee.
PM: 6.3 miles (:47) West Cliff, 293'
Lovely shake-out run this afternoon. It was a great way to de-stress after my French test. Headed out around 3:20pm and was a little crunched for time since I had class again at 5pm, so I pushed the pace a little bit. Nothing all that fast, but more so than usual.

Tues- AM: 20 miles (2:32) Pogonip-Wilder-West Cliff, 1694'
Felt amazing on this morning's run, and I think I owe it to my breakfast! Took a while to motivate myself to get outside, but as soon as I hit the pavement I was off. I could tell I felt strong, so I pushed the pace and hit a PR on the climb from my apartment to the Twin Gates (~907' ascent in 6.25 miles- 53 min). Hit the descent in Wilder pretty hard, and decided to throw in a few extra miles on West Cliff. My planned 16 miler turned into's exciting knowing that I can throw down 20 miles on any given day, especially with no fuel during the run. =] Breakfast was: half sweet potato w/ Udo's oil and agave nectar, coffee, a few honey-wheat pretzel twists (my new addiction)

Wed- AM: 13.5 miles (1:44) West Cliff, 434'
Legs were pretty shot this morning. There was a pretty gnarly headwind on the way out, which made things frustrating. It was the first time in a while I contemplated turning home early, but decided to stick it out. Overall it was a beautiful morning! Breakfast was: lots o' coffee, small bowl of Life cereal, and two pieces of toast w/ almond butter post run.
PM: 5.5 miles (:41) West Cliff, 241' 
Well, ran a little faster than I probably should have to make this a true shake-out, but I was crunched for time and had to be back to take a mid-term. Legs were sore, but I surprised myself with the pace! I'm pretty tired today...looking forward to some Chinese food with the bestie and gf. =]

Thurs- AM: 5 miles (:38) Seacliff-Nisene, 325'
Felt awesome this morning...decided to get a light run in early and hit the trails once it warmed up. Legs were surprisingly light and reactive, and I completely enjoyed myself as opposed to yesterday's frustration-fest. I've spent a very relaxing morning just drinking coffee and getting homework done, but I feel like a bit of a couch potato at this point, so I think I'll go log some miles in Wilder. Pre-run breakfast: lots o' coffee. Post-run: two pieces of cracked wheat w/ almond butter, an apple, some soy nuts. 
PM: 14 miles (1:50) Wilder-Pogonip, 1456'
Lounged around the apartment a little longer than I planned before hitting the trails, but the extra rest was awesome! Got a good amount of homework done (which needs to be my main focus anyways), but started feeling kind of lazy and almost wasn't able to lace up the shoes. Leaving in the earylish afternoon (12:45) always throws off my eating patterns, so of course I got really hungry just before taking off. Raided the fridge and had two (very small) pieces of my leftover gluten-free vegan pizza. Definitely was not a good idea (DUH) because I was tasting it again and again on each downhill. Oh well. Took it super mellow on the climbs and just enjoyed the sun. It's kind of last minute, but I think I'm going to head over to the track tonight to suffer some 4xmile repeats with the team. It'll be my first time on a track in like 6-7 years...should be interesting! Now, time for some a solid couch sesh and cereal/ toast.
PM: 7 miles (:45) Track, 30'
1mi warm-up, 4xmile @ 10k racepace w/ 400m rec. jog, 1mi cool-down
5:35, 5:26, 5:25, 5:24 first 3-a-day! Did not think I could run that fast! It's been probably ~5 months since I've raced a 10k and since I've put in some solid speedwork, so I really didn't know what pace to shoot for. I decided to just pick someone fast (thanks Marty!) and try to hang with him. I think it was a solid pace for me, and I definitely was feeling it, but probably could have cranked it a little harder, since I didn't slow down on the last mile. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my performance, especially having run 19 miles earlier in the day. Thursday night track sessions will now be added to my schedule, but I need to keep a close monitor on my body at this point. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I caused an injury this close to my big races. On that note, a little bump/ tightness has developed on the outside of my right knee. I've been icing it, hoping that it's just a little fluid build-up from the miles. Fingers are crossed!

Fri- AM: 16.25 miles (2:06) Pogonip-Wilder, 1595'
Wasn't as sore as I expected from yesterday's pretty intense workout! Legs felt great and just seemed to cruise up the hills. The bump on my knee hasn't gotten any worse, so I've just been icing it and taking NSAIDs. Had the usual two slices of toast for breakfast with coffee =]
PM: 5 miles (:39) West Cliff, 203'
Really enjoyable run on West Cliff tonight. The weather was perfect and even got to catch a bit of the sunset. I was pretty tired heading out, but my legs loosened up around mile 2.5, and it didn't feel like such a struggle.

Sat- AM: 17.5 miles (2:07) West Cliff, 558'
After a good amount of time wasted deciding between trails and road, I eventually settled on West Cliff. I figured I could use a flat, mellow run as opposed to all the hills. Also, I thought not having the pounding descents might be better for my right knee. Anyways, I pushed the pace more than I intended and actually felt awesome! Got in a couple miles around a 6:45 pace...not terribly fast, but definitely surprising considering this week's load. The bump seems to be getting better...still a little tightness when straightening my leg, but nothing serious. Had some yummy toast for b-fast, per usual. Off to work!

Sun- AM: 14 miles (1:57) Nisene-Seacliff, 1224'
Amazing weather! I was sweating around couldn't have been any more perfect! Also, another inspiring run with the Fleet Feet training group! I actually got to lead everyone this week, which was an awesome feeling! I'm loving getting to know everyone and can't wait to see how they progress! As for my run, I sort of did a bunch of out-and-backs on the fireroad to make sure everyone was doing okay. I kept the pace really mellow...think the week's mileage finally caught up. The legs are pretty dead, but today was a nice shake-out. Did a few miles in the Green Silence, and wow are they quick! Definitely going to start using them for my weekly track sessions, and possibly as an everyday trainer. Finished the run in my 101's, of course. =] I was planning on a little 5 miler this evening, but work was so hectic today that I'm just too wiped! The knee is also feeling better and range of motion is almost normal! BUT, that dang blister on my pinkie toe from the sockless run is acting up (probably infected) and hurts pretty bad. B-fast was the usual toast and coffee...didn't really get a chance to eat lunch because we were so busy, but I did some damage on a bag of pretzels and some peanut butter, with a few apples thrown in. And now, I'm just waiting for some buds from work to meet me at Planet Fresh for a tasty vegan burrito! Can't think of a better way to end such a tiring, yet accomplished week.

-Miles: 140
-Time: 18h 6min
-Vertical: 9,787'

Wow, am I tired! It's been quite a physically/ mentally draining week, but I wouldn't change a mile of it. It seems like I've been saying this frequently recently, but I can't believe how much my running has taken off! This has been, without a doubt, the best week of training yet, and based on how my body is responding, it has me excited for the coming weeks! I'm planning on racing a 50k in two weeks as a tune-up for WTC, and with a solid taper at the beginning of March, I'm hoping that I'll put up a pretty respectable fight. Right now the plan is to use Cool as more of a tune-up for the AR 50 miler, but I still want to race hard, so I'm not going to completely train through it. Most likely, I'll ramp up the training again after Cool in preparation for the AR 50 miler, focusing on doing some longer 25-30 mile runs a couple weeks out to AR, then backing down for ~1.5 weeks. It seems like everything (weather, training, school, work, etc.) has been cooperating with me perfectly, so I'm just going to roll with it! 

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