Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back At It

I've been trying to find my way back into writing for the better part of 2 years, only to be met with disappointment and frustration. The desire sweeps over me every few weeks or so, but instead of sitting down to flush out my ideas, I turn to excuses until the feeling passes. My story isn't exciting enough. My thoughts aren't complex enough. Or, more often than not, I obsess over punctuation and sentence structure, ultimately breaking my flow. 


I used to be passionate about writing, and while I never took myself too seriously, I at least had fun; the process of shaping nothing into something entirely new and never-before-written excited me. Somewhere along the line, though, I convinced myself that if I wasn't creating the next best-selling novel, then my writing meant nothing. And that's crap.  

Looking back through my blog, the dashboard is riddled with abandoned drafts, most of which are attempted race reports or musings on the year in review. I'm not sure who would have read the posts anyway, but still, it's disheartening to realize that I couldn't commit to completing even one piece of prose. 

That's about to change. 

Not only because I'll have finished this post, but also because I plan on adding content 3 or 4 days per week. As to what the content will include, however, is still to be decided, but will probably follow the following themes: 

1) Because we're incredibly spoiled by parks in the Bay Area, I'd like to showcase a new trail system every week, ideally with pictures. 

2) Due to the "hiccups" I faced in 2011-2012, I'll probably touch on a topic that has been a delicate and elusive balancing act: nutrition. 

3) I've been pretty lucky avoiding injuries in the short time I've been competing, but a few nuisances have been lingering over the past few months. 

4) Periodically, I stumble upon some nifty new product that somehow enhances my running pleasure, in which case I'd like to write up a review of sorts. 

But more on that later. 

For now, the plan is to write. Anything. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekly Summary: April 30-May 6

Mon: Am- 13 miles (1:41) twin gates o&b, 1050'
Feeling a bit beat up from the week, so I took it easy through upper campus. Legs felt pretty good up UCONN.
Pm- 6 miles (:41) West Cliff, 100'
Wanted to get in a double, so I decided to run to the climbing gym. Met up with my buddy and bouldered for an hour.

Tues: Am- 11 miles (1:12) West Cliff, 200', 3x2 miles @ 5:55
splits were: 5:52, 5:55, 5:56, 5:52, 6:02, 5:58
Somehow Jay convinced me to do a tempo workout with him. The original plan was 5 miles around 5:50, but after 2 miles I wasn't sure I could hold that. Ended up doing 3x2miles at ~5:55/mile. I sort of fell apart mentally on the fifth repeat and slowed down considerably. Overall, I'm not too disappointed in my effort, since this was the first time in over a year I've done any speed work. I plan on throwing this workout into my arsenal once a week and hopefully build some mental thoughness to make it through these painful runs.
Pm- 5 miles (:38) Pogonip, 258'
Easy shake-out. Legs were really stiff from this morning.

Wed: Am- 16 miles (2:00) Pogo-Wilder, 2180'
I was planning an 18 miler, but after yesterday the legs just weren't there. It was pretty much a death march from mile 9, so I cut my losses and focused on a quality long run at the end of the week.

Thurs: Am- 9 miles (1:01) West Cliff, 140'
Easy-ish run on the roads to the climbing gym. I was able to hold a 6:45/mile comfortably, which is a pleasant surprise. Spent the better part of 2 hours at the gym and lead climbed for the first time in over a year! My core/upper strength is coming back a lot quicker than expected, which I think will help out a lot with running.

Fri: Am- 13 miles (1:40) twin gates o&b, 1057'
I was planning my long run for this morning, but after hanging at Burger with Jay last night I just wasn't feeling it. Managed to get in 13 relaxed miles. I didn't focus too much on pace and actually held a good clip up UCONN.

Sat: Am- 18 miles (2:10) Pogonip-Wilder bluffs, 1817'
I didn't have work until 12 today, so I took advantage with a long run. Felt awesome from the beginning, especially up UCONN, and was able to hold a steady clip on the flats. Almost all of the miles after 9 were sub-7's, so that's promising! Also noteworthy, I had my first peanut butter Gu and tropical nectars Gu this morning...freaking redunkulous. Those, along with pineapple Gu, will be my secret weapon for Ohlone!

Sun: Am- 26 miles (3:25) Pogonip-Wilder o&b, 2806'
Great long run today. Did the usual start through Pogonip, then upper campus, and Wilder/bluffs, and doubled back. Felt a little sore from Saturday, but the legs were surprisingly chipper. I had to walk a few sections in the Wilder hills on the way back, but since that was at about mile 18, I didn't worry too much. Overall, a really enjoyably sunny day on the trails!
Pm- 3 miles, easy hike on bluffs
Took a beautiful hike on the bluffs this afternoon with the lady and ate lunch on the cliffs. It was a great way to spend my Sunday off. Finished the night off by seeing The Avengers...freaking amazing! (Not included in totals.)
Yum, falafel. 

Trying not to fall into the sink.

Damn, we're good looking.

-Miles: 117.5
-Time: 14hr 35min
-Vertical: 9,400'

Another great week of running! I wasn't originally planning to peak this past week, but after hearing from other runners, it sounded like the smartest move. Like I mentioned before, tapering has always been experimental for me, so I figured a two week rest period should leave me plenty fresh. I'm a little disappointed in my vert this week, but the build-up over the past couple of months should leave me climbing strong. With only two weeks until race day, the plan is to hit about 90 miles, then 30-40 miles the week of the race with some faster running thrown in. Oh, and just for posterity's sake, the UCONN trail is one of the more challenging climbs within running distance from my house, climbing about 400' in .75 miles. It's not terribly steep, but the semi-technical single track and decent elevation gain make for a fun way to start the day.

As for this week's beer, I didn't really have anything new, so it's into the review archive for Victory Hop Wallop.

22oz bomber into a Deschutes snifter. 

A: Pours a beautiful, golden straw color with a billowy 3 finger head that holds its shape even above the rim. Awesome retention and lacing. 

Sm: Lots of citrus and pine. Sweet grapefruit comes through, followed by a resinous/metallic aroma.

T: Similar to the smell, but better. I'm loving the hop profile, especially as it warms. Very piney up front, then sweet. The alcohol is present in the finish. I can't get over the lacing...absolutely gorgeous rings down the glass!

Mf: Medium bodied. I wish there was a bit more carbonation to improve the crispness, but it coats the palate well.

O: A solid DIPA that grew on me after the first glass. There is something "off" in the aftertaste, probably from the bottle fermentation, but I love the hoppiness!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekly Summary: April 23-29

Mon: AM- 12 miles (1:32) Twin Gates o&b, 1154'
Only planning on 10 this morning, but decided to head up to Twin Gates. The legs felt great, and I ended up having one of my fastest descents through upper campus. I had a blast trying to bounce off all the burms and bumps that I could find. Overall, one of the fastest, most fun runs I've had in a while.

Tues: AM- 7 miles (:52) Pogonip Spring Trail, 459'
Easy run through Pogonip before my 10am class. After the run I headed to the gym for an 1.5 hours of bouldering + core. I hit the weights for some leg strengthening and did 10 reps of one-legged presses at 115lbs, then 6 reps of two-legged at 400lbs. Felt awesome.

PM- 4 miles (:31) West Cliff, 257'
Easy shake-out on the road.

Wed: AM- 13 miles (1:47) Lower Pogonip, 1821'
Met up with Jay this morning for some miles in Pogonip. We hit the Overlook Trail, to Ohlone, across Hwy 9, up UCONN, then back up Overlook. I was hoping to feel better on the climbs with only 3 weeks til Ohlone, but I guess I'm not supposed to feel 100% during training (go figure). Anyways, it was a great morning to explore new trails, especially with the bobcat sighting!
PM- 3 miles @ 11% (:30) Treadmill, 1700'
3 miles @ 11%, ~1700' Felt pretty smooth throughout the run, but it was definitely taxing.

Thurs: AM- 7 miles (:53) Pogonip Spring Trail, 550'
Planning a longish run tomorrow, so just took it easy through Pogonip. Hit the climbing gym after my morning run. I was planning on running a double today, but was too tired after class.

Fri: AM- 26.3 (3:19) Wilder-Bluffs o&b, 2854'
I wasn't originally planning on 26+ miles this morning, but knew I wanted to get in at least 20-22. The legs felt exceptionally great, so I tacked on 2 miles on the bluffs then headed back up through Wilder. And to be honest, I added the additional .3 miles at the finish just to make it an "ultra" run. ;) Overall, I can feel myself getting stronger on the hills and only had to power-hike a few small sections. Also, I clocked my fastest ascent up UCONN and to the twin gates (:48). Food: toast + coffee pre-run, during: 2.5 Gu's (almost spit out the third banana-strawberry...gross) + ~1.5 liters water

Sat: AM- 17 miles (2:40) Nisene closed trail-West Ridge, 3240'
Headed out to Nisene with my bud Jay, who showed me around some new trails. Super techy/slow single-track (by my standards) which made for a challenging run...note the average pace of 9:18. Noteworthy sections: about 3-4 washouts, losing the trail a few times because of overgrowth, lots of downed trees (one of which we had to slide under), having to use a rope to help ascend a climb/descend the other side. My quads weren't too beaten up after yesterday's effort, but I definitely struggled. After dragging ass for the first couple of miles, the legs eventually loosened up on the rolling single-track, but things started to fall apart on the climbs. After hitting Sand Point and pounding two Gu's I felt good again, but by the end of the run I was trashed. Overall, a killer run and thankful to have seen some new trails.

Sun: AM- 8 miles (1:01) Pogonip-UConn, 759'
The thought of running this morning wasn't exactly appealing, but I knew once I warmed up it'd be enjoyable. Only meant to do 6, but extended it to 8 since the legs didn't feel terrible. Overall, I'm really happy with this weekend's training.

PM- 3 miles @ 10% (:30) Treadmill, 1584'
10% @ 6mph Felt pretty good, but this week has definitely caught up to me. I tried to do 6.5mph, but thought I was going to pass out.

-Miles: 100.3
-Time: 13hr 40min
-Vertical: 14,375'

This was my first week breaking 100 miles in over a year, and I'm glad to say that everything is holding up nicely! My last few training weeks have hovered in the high 80's to mid 90's, so I'm not expecting any huge gains from a 100 mile week. I think it was just about breaking a more of a mental barrier than anything else, especially since an average week for me last year was ~120 miles. For me, this validates that my training is truly back on track and gives me a huge dose of confidence coming into the Ohlone 50k which is only about 2.5 weeks out. Also, I'm fairly certain that this was my most vertically challenging week to date. I'm stoked to finally be getting stronger in the hills! The plan now is to log ~110 miles next week and peak around 120 miles two weeks before the race. I've always kind of winged the taper, but I'm hoping I can dial myself back down and run ~60 miles the week of Ohlone. Hopefully this will leave me refreshed, but ready to race!

As for this week's beer, I was hoping to review the newly released FW Wookey Jack, but never got around to it. Instead, I decided upon Green Flash Palate Wrecker.
Wanted to take a better pic, but got lazy. =]
 Poured from a 22oz bomber into a tulip.

A: Pours a beautiful golden amber with a massive 3 finger off-white head that lingers. Nice carbonation and bubbles creeping up the side of the glass. Minimal lacing. Second pour had considerably less head (see above pic).

Sm: Initially very sweet with hints of caramel followed by some citrus. Grapefruit and apricot definitely dominate. 

T: Holy hops! The hops don't come through in the nose like they do in the taste. A lingering sweetness up front is destroyed by massively amazing hop bitterness and a piney reisen. Slightly tart in the middle, almost mouth-puckeringly so, which is where the grapefruit shines. The alcohol is very warming in the finish, and coupled with the hops, this beer is almost mouth numbing. Awesome.

Mf: Medium bodied with great carbonation. A bit astringent as well.

O: Yum. A definite hop-bomb for sure. I've been searching for this kind of bitterness in a DIPA for a while now!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Summary: April 16-22

Mon: AM- 11 miles (1:35) Twin Gates o&b, 1097'
Legs were still pretty sore from Saturday's race, so I decided to forgo the long run. Just a really mellow, enjoyable run.

Tues: AM- 8 miles (1:01) Pogonip, 632'
Still feeling a little blah, so I settled on an easy 8. Legs are starting to perk up. Oh, and I had the best critter encounter on the trail this morning to date! Coming into Pogonip, there was a bobcat sun bathing in the middle of the fire road. After noticing me, it trotted into some tall grass, but it let me get probably within 5 feet! We just watched each other for almost 3 minutes before I decided to leave it be.
PM- 4 miles (:31) Pogonip, 300'
Super easy shake-out before class. Relaxed and smooth.

Wed: AM- 23 miles (2:54) Wilder o&b, 2748'
Was NOT feeling a long run this morning, but once I stepped outside I knew it'd be enjoyable. Lately, I've been putting more miles in Wilder to acclimate my legs for the hills of Ohlone and have been diggin' an out-and-back on a single-track switchback trail. The legs felt great at the turnaround point, and overall I didn't feel too fatigued. Coyote sighting + lots of deer!

Thurs: AM- 7 miles (:55) Pogonip, 503'
Easy-peasy run through Pogonip to shake out 'dem legs for the long run tomorrow.

Fri: AM- 20 miles (2:30) Wilder hills/bluffs, 1758'
Oh.Em.Gee. It was really hot this morning. Must have been high 70's by 9:30. Anyways, I'm not complaining, but just taking note of how much the heat affected me! I drank about 1.5 liters of water, which is pretty crazy for this loop. Anyways, I decided to mix things up and tacked on a few miles on the bluffs. Not sure why I don't run out there more often...bobcat sighting!

Sat: AM- 10 miles (1:15) Nisene fireroad, 1500'
My garmin has been wack with splits and elevation, so not positive on the specifics of this run. I decided to break up the hills of Wilder and head to Aptos for a jaunt through Nisene. I really miss this park and am not sure why I don't come here more. Tons of beautifully lush trees on easy fire road/single-track. Good stuff. Legs felt great, especially on the way back to the car, but I dragged up the incline for a bit.

Sun: AM- 12 miles (1:42) Nisene single-track, 1835'
Decided to hit up Nisene again (2nd day in a row!) with the SCE peeps, and I'm thankful I did! I haven't seen some of these guys in a while, so it was good to touch bases and run a few new trails...thanks Robert ;] (Oh, and great job tackling Boston in that freaking 90 degree heat!!) The original plan was 14-17 mile, but cut it at 12 after what I feel to have been a great week of training.
PM- 1 mile (:09) treadmill @ 11% 6.5 speed, 580'
Got a little rock climbing in at the gym tonight and decided to try out the treadmill. Well, I got pretty bored (and hot) after a mile, so I gave up. In the future I'd like to do a few easyish miles at 10-12% to rack up some elevation. Overall, felt relaxed. And as far as rock climbing goes, the technique is still there, but my muscles just can't quite keep up least I can do pull-ups again!

-Miles: 96
-Time: 12hr 25min
-Vertical: 10,950'


I'm incredibly happy that my training has begun to pick up again over these past 2 months, leaving me feeling strong and healthy, but more than anything I'm just thankful to be back on the trails. Ever since Vermont, I could never settle into a groove and found myself with a new injury every few weeks. While this was undeniably frustrating, I learned many valuable lessons in terms of training and recovery; namely, that running 130-150 miles/week does not guarantee fitness, especially when not properly fueling myself for such efforts. 

Looking back at my training logs from this time last year, I'm now running stronger than I ever have simply because I've switched my focus from quantity to quality. This has allowed me to put in solid long runs every other day with very little soreness and a very quick recovery time. Consequently, I've shaved off a full minute per mile from my normal Wilder loop (compared to last year). In the past 3 weeks I was also fortunate enough to place 2nd overall at the Pirates Cove 30k (3500' of climbing and my first race since Vermont!) and 1st overall at the Woodside 35k (3000' of climbing). All this while running 40 miles/week less than what I had been last year, and weighing 20 lbs more! 

Looking forward, I know that I still have areas to tweak in my training to produce even more gains, but for now I'm content with simply doing what I love. Hopefully, I can keep a level head coming into the Ohlone 50k on May 20th and the Diablo 60k in June. Both are very demanding in terms of vertical gain, but as long as I continue to train smart, I'm confident that I'll perform to my potential.

And lastly, I've noticed an increasing trend on the faster dudes' blogs where they share a song/music video of a favorite band. While I find this enjoyable, I regret to admit that my knowledge of music is...laughable, at best, which consequently is reflected in the fact that my iTunes playlist hasn't changed since high school. So, in lieu of embarrassing myself by posting video after video of Lady Gaga's "Paper Gangster," I've decided that once a week I'll share with everyone a newfound passion of mine by reviewing a different, and hopefully tasty, beer.

In honor of its recent release (4/16), I couldn't resist choosing Stone '12 Imperial Russian Stout.
Photo by yours truly ;)
Poured from a 22oz bomber into a Deschutes snifter. Do this beer justice and serve at room temp!

A: Pours a thick, deep black with a 2 finger mocha colored head. Nice retention that dissipates slowly, leaving a good amount of carbonation bubbles around the side of the glass. Alcohol legs are definitely present.

Sm: Huge amounts of roasted malt on the front. Coffee, and chocolate dominate, followed by fruity esters. A hint of caramel and vanilla. Alcohol is subtly present.

T: Almost spot on to the smell. Roasted malts are the key player here. It's so much like sipping on a freshly brewed cup of dark coffee that you could crack this thing open in the morning to have with breakfast. The finish is smooooth, and the bitterness is well balanced by the sweetness of the malts. The 10.5% ABV is well hidden and only briefly noticeable as it warms on the way down.

Mf: Full bodied all the way. Deliciously thick and creamy with just the right amount of carbonation to keep you interested.

O: Another gorgeous beer from Stone and an RIS at its best. I'm excited to try this with a little age on it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Summary: May 16-23

Mon- AM: 9 miles (1:05) Seacliff-Nisene, 635'
Couldn't wait to head out this morning. After yesterday's run, I was looking forward to another great day with only mild soreness in my achilles. It's still swollen, but not as bad as last week. Ran in the Cascadia's with superfeet which seemed to help.
PM: 11 miles (1:18) West Cliff, 338'
I wasn't planning on an 11 miler this afternoon, but after all the rest (the whopping 2 days!) I've been getting antsy, so I decided to extend the run. Felt solid until about the last 3 miles...lots of frustrating wind/ my achilles started acting up. Ran in the DS Trainers with superfeet...seemed to make things worse.

Tues- AM: 11 miles (1:21) Seacliff-Nisene, 310'
Legs were a little stiff this morning, and the overcast weather made it difficult to motivate myself. I knew once I got out there my mood would change, so I laced up the Green Silence's and hit the roads. My achilles (right side) felt pretty good throughout the run...before I left I taped it using a new method, which seems to be a winner!

PM: 8 miles (1:03) Pogonip, 507'
Decided to test the achilles on some hills, so I headed up to Pogonip. Although my legs were a bit sluggish, I felt good so I threw on a few extra miles and a small amount of climbing. The achilles only gave me issues at about 6 miles in, so I'm remaining hopeful! I really don't have much pain tonight...

Wed- AM: 8 miles Seacliff-Nisene (1:02), 501'
Legs felt a bit sluggish upon heading out, but loosened up. It's been a while since I've put in this many miles, so to be expected I suppose. Overall, a relaxing, mellow run.
PM: 10 miles (1:20) Nisene, 1807'

Got off work early, so I decided to toss in a few extra miles. Ran to the top of the incline in Nisene...not a particularly fast run, and I didn't feel spectacular, but I think some mellow miles are just what I needed. So glad the sun is finally back!

Thurs- AM: 9 miles (1:10) Seacliff-Nisene, 501'
Legs are still feeling sore/sluggish, but it feels great to get back into my daily running routine. Achilles was pretty much pain free.
PM: 6 
miles (:45) Pogonip, 235'
I've been so drained since this morning! I'm thinking I didn't get enough sleep/haven't eaten enough today...I've been rushing around since this morning and have only managed to put down a (fairly huge) salad. Nice little shake-out run through Pogonip before intervals at the track tonight. Hopefully I'll bounce back once I get some fluids and grub in me! Achilles didn't hurt at all =]
PM: 1 mile w/up, 3x1mile @ 10k pace +10sec w/ 1min recovery, 1 mile cool down, Track
5:38, 5:44, 5:39
After much deliberation, I decided to head out to the track for 3x1 mile repeats at tempo-ish pace. I wasn't feeling completely up to it, but after my shake-out I ate about 4 pieces of toast with jam (yum!), so other than being bloated, I felt pretty solid. I took a few warm-up laps to test out the achilles, and although there was some residual soreness, I decided to go ahead with the intervals. All-in-all, they were pretty much what I expected. I haven't done any running at this speed in quite some time, so my legs responded accordingly for the first few laps. After the cobwebs shook off, though, the efforts felt smooth and controlled, especially number 3. Interestingly, my achilles only really acted up on the recovery portions...otherwise, a really great workout! Now I'm off to class until 8:30pm, then it's dinner time! I made an enormous pot of soup with black beans, tomatos, sweet potatoes, and ground turkey the other night, and I've yet to put much of a dent in it

Fri- AM: 13 miles (1:40) Seacliff-Nisene, 909'
Overall, a pretty mellow run. My legs were super stiff this morning when I woke up, but after walking around a bit to get coffee, etc. they loosened up. The run itself was fairly uneventful...just sauntered around Aptos and into Nisene. I was completely dead the last 3-ish miles...glad I had that half banana with peanut butter! ;]
PM: 5 miles (:41) Seacliff, 218'
I wasn't really planning on my shake-out being so close to my morning run, but my girlfriend was heading out for a jog, so I thought I'd join her! It was a super mellow pace and felt good to give the legs a break. Overall, a beautiful day on Seacliff and lovely afternoon with my lady. Now time for a nap and some relaxation by the pool!

Sat- AM: 13 miles (1:41) Seacliff-Nisene, 892'
Just a pretty mellow run before work. Nothing really out of the ordinary or really any different from the previous runs this week.
PM: 3 miles (:23) Nisene, 242'
Decided to head out on my lunch break for a quick shake-out. The sun is out and summer is here! Just a really relaxing trot through the trees...

Sun- AM: 13 miles (1:41) Seacliff-Nisene, 881'
Hmmm...almost an identical morning to yesterday. A little more difficult to rally myself together this morning, but like always, I was glad once I got running. Off to work!
PM: 3 miles (:24) Nisene, 285'
Legs are pretty trashed today. I'm betting it's because I logged most of my miles this week in the New Balance Minimus and the majority was on hard-packed surfaces. It still feels good though to finally have tired legs after what has seemed like a few weeks of down time!

-Miles: 127.3
-Time: 16hr 21min
-Vertical: 8,283'

Well, it seems like ages since I've posted anything on here, and even longer since I've gotten in any quality miles. After the WTC 50k I took it easy the following week and tried to gradually build my mileage again for AR 50. I logged a solid 127 miles the week prior to AR, which left me feeling confident and strong. The week of the big race, I was rested and somehow landed 13th place overall in a time of 6:49:17. (!) I completely surprised myself, and although my race was far from perfect in terms of strategy, I do think I ran it close to the best of my abilities. Most likely, I went out too hard on the paved bike trial early on (thanks for setting that awesome pace, Jacob!!) which left me with a pretty weak kick in the hills. However, I also think that I wouldn't have necessarily pushed myself harder in the hills had I been fresher. Who knows though! Anyways, the week after AR hit me pretty hard, as I constantly walked the line between having a cold/being dead. I took a few days off and got a lot of food in me, which seemed to do the trick!

After a couple of recovery weeks (about 75-80 miles) I tried to ramp up the running again, hitting 131 miles then 118. The second week left me with a bum achilles which I babied for the next couple days and only managed to log ~45 miles. I'm glad to say that everything seems to be functioning normally now, and the training is back in full-swing for Vermont! It's incredibly unnerving and a bit surreal that in only 8 weeks I'll be attempting to complete my first 100 mile race. Who knew that so much could happen with only one year of running experience? Never in my wildest dreams...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Back...and SPONSORED!

Well, for a while there school sort of caught up with me as I struggled to finish papers and cram for finals. It's been a while since my last post, but I assure you I'm still running! The past two weeks have been a rollercoster in terms of running and life in general. I'll throw together a little recap of my past weeks' training (although it might be a little dry) as well as a race report for Way Too Cool 50k. I know it's been two weeks since the race, but I've always wanted to try my hand at a write-up!

In other news...

I received an email yesterday from Gu notifying me of my acceptance into their sponsorship program...needless to say, I'm absolutely ecstatic! 

"Thank you for your application to the 2011 GU Energy Labs Sponsorship Program.  We appreciate your commitment to GU Energy Labs and we are excited to be able to offer you sponsorship through our highly exclusive Pro Deal Program!"

Although I'm not entirely clear on the details, I look forward to representing an awesome company that provides invaluable products for my training and racing! Now if I could just get off the warm couch and out into the pouring rain...might just have to make it a Bikram day.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Summary: Feb 14-27

Mon- 11 miles (1:25) West Cliff, 445'
Not really feeling as sore as I thought I would, so I decided to extend my shake-out today. Took it really easy down West Cliff and even ran into my parents along they way! They came down from Sacramento to camp for 2 weeks, so it's been great hanging with them. My heels are really sore, and it was a bit difficult falling asleep last night because of the pain, but all-in-all I think I'll recover nicely.

Tues- AM: 6 miles (:45) Seacliff, 203'
A cold, but beautiful morning for an easy run. I did an old route through the Aptos neighborhood which was a welcomed break from West Cliff. Legs are feeling good, but heels are (not surprisingly) still sore. 
PM: 11 miles (1:27) Nisene, 1150'
Hung out with the gf for a bit before hitting the trails in Nisene. Not much to report on this run...felt good on the way out, but started to drag coming back. Kind of skipped lunch, but made up for it with some cookies. =]

Wed- AM: 12 miles (1:34) Nisene, 1421'
Not too much to say. Beautiful run in the park and met up with the parents at Costco before class. Had a mocha freeze and trail mix for lunch...not ideal, but tasty!
PM: 8 miles (1:03) Pogonip, 540'
After a little debate, I finally headed up into Pogonip for an easy stroll. There was a little break in the rain which made for a gorgeous run. Legs are feeling surprisingly chipper.

Thurs- AM: 14 miles (1:49) West Cliff, 610'
Kind of a sucky run. Sunday is definitely starting to catch up to me. I had two pieces of toast for breakfast and got ravenous about 6 miles into the a result I bonked pretty hard on the return home. Had a big bowl of greek yogurt with blackberries after...yum.
PM: 1 mile w/up, 3x1mile @ 3k pace w/ 400m jog, 1 mile cool-down, Track
5:59, 5:49, 5:48
I was really questioning whether or not to hit the track tonight because of how tired I've been lately. If I didn't make it to the track, I was planning on an easy shake-out, but not wanting to run in the rain alone I decided to suffer for an hour with my teammates. Once I warmed up, the intervals were rather effortless. Coach had us run the first lap at 3k pace then add 20 seconds to the second, then back to 3k, and finish the fourth lap at 20 seconds slower. It was difficult at first to judge how slow I was running the 'recovery' lap, but I got into a groove. I never found myself really struggling which may be neither good nor bad. Overall, it felt like a solid workout.

Fri: AM: 9.75 miles (1:11) West Cliff, 404'
I'll be honest...kind of a miserably run this morning. Although my pace was surprisingly quick, it was a sufferfest the entire way. Lately I've been feeling completely drained even though I've been sleeping about 8.5 hours a night. I'm probably not as recovered as I thought, so I'm going to monitor my body pretty closely at this point.
PM: 7 miles (:52) Pogonip, 377'
Went for a quick run through Pogonip before my History of Life mid-term (yikes!) and surprise, surprise I felt like garbage! This should be a red-flag to back off the training, but of course I'm too stubborn. I'm also wondering if my performance this week has been struggling because of my's been pretty heavy in the sweet's/junk food department. I think I've eaten more chocolate, cookies, and pizza this week than I have ever in my life, but who knows. At about 2:45pm and with ~2 miles left in the run, I remembered that my class started at 3:30 and not 4, so it was a mad-dash to get home, change and make it up to campus for my test! Luckily, I made it with some time to spare, and even did quite well on the test.

Sat- AM: 16 miles (2:05) Nisene, 1571'
This week has been pretty Nisene-heavy, but I've enjoyed the mix-up in my training. I had a banana with peanut butter pre-run, which apparently wasn't enough. I bonked with about 6 miles left and just felt totally crappy. The return home was painful, but I refueled with some egg whites and fruit.

Sun- AM: 16 miles (2:01) East Cliff, 584'
Mixed things up this morning with a long run on East Cliff. Set out with SCE for a planned 18 miles, but turned back early for a total of 16. The last miles were yet again a struggle as a few of the guys decided to throw down some sub-7min miles. It's time to really focus on performance and dial back the training in preparation for WTC. I some greek yogurt post-run and lunch was pizza with about a million cookies. I feel gross.

-Miles: 117
-Time: 15hr 01min
-Vertical: 7,355'

I'm not really sure what's been going on with my training this week. Part of me thinks it's my diet and part of me says I'm just not completely recovered from Sunday...maybe both? In regards to my diet, I've been having difficulty keeping on weight, so from here on out I'm going to begin tracking what I eat in an attempt to fill in the holes. Having come this far in my training, I cannot afford to mess things up because of sloppy nutritional habits. WTC is quickly approaching, and the more I think about it, the more I feel this could be a break-out race for me. My original plan was to semi-taper for it and use it as a tune-up for the AR 50, but I'm beginning to see my potential in 50k races. I really don't have much experience in 50 milers, and with WTC bringing huge talent from across the U.S., I think it'd be foolish not to give it my all here. I can feel my attention slowly slipping away from this blog as my appetite grows, so I think it's time to go destroy a burrito...and hopefully get out of this calorie deficit!