Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Summary: Jan 24-30

Mon- AM: 17 miles (2:16) West Cliff-Wilder, 1643'
It was one of those mornings where lacing up the shoes proved to be more difficult than normal. Kept debating if I wanted to run longish, or if I could squeeze in my normal two-a-day. In the end I decided to do the same loop as Sunday. Legs are noticably tired, but the run went great! Averaged a little faster pace than yesterday, which surprised me since I thought I was kind of slogging along. The 101's are amazing, but I think the added shock from a lack of cushion is causing me gnarly quad pain. For breakfast- water, half a sweet potato w/ Udo's oil, banana, half cup of naked juice. Felt light, but energy levels started to wane in Pogonip.
PM: 4 miles (:33) West Cliff, 201'
Felt a bit stronger than I expected on the shake-out. My left quad is pretty sore though. I think it's from running in the 101's. Ankles feel great, surprisingly, but legs are shot.

Tues- AM: 20 miles (2:36) Pogonip-Wilder-West Cliff, 1715'
Amazing run this morning! Decided to do my usual route in the reverse direction...pretty crazy how different everything looked. I really enjoy heading up Pogonip and making my way through the woods while the sun is still rising. Felt really strong on the climb to UCSC. Was only planning on ~16 miles, but I felt so good that I threw on a few extra miles on West Cliff. Also, today was my first sock-less day. Once the blisters heal I might give it another shot. I like how natural it feels, but for now it's back to the SmartWools. Breakfast was: half of a sweet potato w/ tsp. Udo's oil, banana and tea. It was really surprising how much energy I had considering I barely ate anything before and nothing during the run.

Wed- AM: 13 miles (1:53) Pogonip-Twin Gates o&b, 1154'
Legs were not there this morning and HR was definitely higher than normal. Did an out and back to the Twin Gates through Pogonip. Yesterday's run caught up with me for sure, but it was absolutely beautiful out. Not sure if I'm just making this up, but I think a lack of caffeine this morning aided in my exhaustion. Woke up really hungry around 1am last night and noshed on some cereal. =] Breakfast was: green tea, half of sweet potato w/ Udo's & agave nectar, banana and apple.
PM: 5.5 miles (:43) West Cliff, 251'
Really good shake-out. Ate a piece of cracked wheat toast and apple before hand with some coffee. Definitely felt a pick-me-up from the brew, but the food was a bit too much fiber. Was a little dehydrated, but felt strong after about 3 miles. Had an apple when I got back since I was crunched for time. Didn't end up eating lunch until about 2 hours later, which sucked! (hummus wrap, granola bar, and tea)

Thurs- AM: 22 miles (2:53) Pogonip-Wilder-West Cliff, 1670'
Wasn't really feeling the run early on because my legs were so dead. Started with the climb to Pogonip and just felt like I was getting nowhere, plus the blisters on my pinkie toes hurt. I always seem to doubt my training/running when I'm grinding through the miles, but I think in the long run (no pun intended) it'll be useful having trained on tired legs. Took it really easy to Wilder until finally the legs started to loosen up on the downhills. Finished up along the coast at a pretty good clip. A homeless man yelled to me that I was skinnier than maybe it's time to eat more? haha Anyways, beautiful run as always. I'm still absolutely in love with the 101's, but they felt a little sloppy today on the downhills, probably because I was compensating for the painful blisters. Glad I brought water this time around...and a Gu. Breakfast was: two slices of cracked wheat toast w/ almond butter and agave nectar, tea. Had the rest of my vegan baked mac and cheese, steamed veggies, half of a vegan quesadilla w/ hummus, and an apple for lunch. Yum. =]
PM: 5 miles (:41) West Cliff, 198'
Pretty nice little shake-out run. Legs were feeling kind of rubbery, but to be expected. Just tried to keep the pace nice and easy and enjoy the awesome sunset over the ocean. Kind of curious how I'll be feeling tomorrow. Brewed up some decaf coffee when I got back w/ a piece of almond buttered toast, an apple, and ~Tbs. of some soy nuts. Burrito for dinner!

Fri- AM: 12 miles (1:32) West Cliff, 413'
Felt good to just hit some flat roads. Kept the pace mellow to loosen up the legs from yesterday. It was pretty windy coming back from the wharf, which was frustrating, but the ride along the ocean was awesome so I can't really complain. My legs were a little rubbery when I woke up this morning, but I feel a lot better than I expected. I think I'm adjusting quickly to my increased training! Broke out the old DS Trainers since I've gotten used to running in "less" shoe. The Trance's feel like boots now, and all I can hear is them slapping the pavement. Just ordered some of the Green Silence's, which I'm hoping to use as my main road shoe. Breakfast was: two pieces of cracked wheat toast w/ hummus and almond butter, an apple, and two golden oreos. Yumm. Had a bigger lunch than usual when I got back. Some sweet and sour tofu w/ white rice and another piece of toast plus a few more oreos. I guess that homeless guy's comment from yesterday is in the back of my mind. =]
PM: 5.5 miles (:45) West Cliff, 270' 
Decided to head out for a few more miles this afternoon. Got bored around the apartment, so I enjoyed the sunset on West Cliff instead! I always feel kind of light headed/weird when I run in the afternoon, but after a jacuzzi sesh the legs are feeling awesome! Excited to hit some trails tomorrow before work.

Sat- AM: 17 miles (2:15) West Cliff-Wilder-Pogonip, 1622'
Felt really good this morning, but was a little slow on the hills. Legs are pretty shot...I'd imagine just from the week's load and the pounding on the pavement from yesterday. Wish I had time to put in a few more miles. Breakfast was: two pieces of whole wheat toast w/ almond butter, coconut water Naked juice

Sun- AM: 14 miles (1:52) Nisene, 1394'
First run with the Fleet Feet training group, and it was awesome! I can tell that I'm really going to enjoy helping coach this program. I took it easy in Nisene Marks and looped back and forth a bunch to keep track of all the runners. Felt pretty queasy out on the run. bleh. But, I found some single-track that I haven't explored, so I'm going to head out there probably tomorrow and run til my heart's content! Legs feel awesome, especially having such a big week. I think it was definitely a good idea to take it slow today. Also,I ran sock-less again in the 101's with no new blisters! Breakfast was: hummus on whole wheat toast, mandarin orange, a little cereal.

-Miles: 135
-Hours: 18h 4min
-Vertical: 10,531'

What a training week! I somehow managed to rack up 135 miles without really feeling like I was putting in work...they just seemed to fly by, which is ideally where I want to be in my training. There were a couple of days where heading out the door was a challenge, but I just have to remind myself that once I hit the trails it'll be worth it. Today's run in Nisene was the most fun I've had in a long time. I already know that working with the No Boundaries training groups is going to be a blast, and I can't wait to get to know everyone better! Also, stumbling upon that awesome single-track has rekindled my love for soon as I began running it I had a grin from ear to ear. =] I'll probably head back out there tomorrow morning to see where it takes me.

Two-a-days seem to be working out great for me as long as I keep the second run around 5-6 miles and slow enough so that they aid in recovery. I definitely don't want them to turn into junk miles. Overall, I can tell that I'm more tired from the increase in training, but on the same note I'm adjusting quicker than I expected to my 13-17 mile standard morning run. Hopefully I can keep up this level of running as I believe it'll definitely pay off at WTC and the AR 50. Looking forward to a fresh week of training and putting more miles on my 101's! I'm hoping to write up a mini-review of these amazing shoes soon.


  1. Dang! Really loading up the mileage, you'll definitely be ready for the Overgrown Fatass!

    I don't think I told you that there is a drinking component to the race, so you might want to practice your beer miles:)

    - Sean

  2. haha yeah it was all sort of unplanned!
    when's the race again? I have to get to practicing ;)