Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Summary: Jan 17-23

Mon- AM: 5.5 miles (:45) West Cliff, 300'
Decided to shake out the legs this morning and post-pone the long run until later so me and the gf can hang a bit longer. Legs are tired, but to be expected after only my second 100+ mile week (121).
PM: 13 miles (1:46) Wilder-UCSC, 1714'
Decided to do the shake-out in the morning since my legs were feeling crappy. Ran into Jaime and Joy in Pogonip and had a nice chat! Took it nice and easy and just enjoyed the ride.

Tues- AM: 13 miles (1:48) Wilder-UCSC, 1680'
No complaints here. Beautiful run, especially on Long Meadow loop!
PM: 5 miles (:39) West Cliff, 252'
Solid shake-out session. I think I need to wait a little longer after my first run though for this to be useful.

Wed- AM: 15 miles (1:57) Wilder-Bluffs, 1052'
Was a little unmotivated getting up this morning...took it slow and got some work done before deciding to head out in my cascadia's (which I love!) Saw a mountain lion on the long meadow climb up to twin gates. Decided to turn around and run on the bluffs instead. Got in a solid 15, but legs felt heavy. Planning on doing my shake-out run after class first night run!
PM: 4 miles (:33) West Cliff, 250'
First night run was awesome! The moon-lit ocean was too much to take in. I think I'll start adding these at the end of my day. Felt like I was going really fast, but apparently only an 8:04 pace. Oh well, it's a shake-out.

Thur- PM: 20 miles (2:46) Wilder (out/back)-Bluffs, 2002'
Reallllllly was not feeling the run this afternoon. Legs were super heavy (probably from hot tub) and I think I headed out dehydrated which just led to a world of hurt. Decided to throw in the Cowboy Loop...pretty cool stuff, but the crappy footing in the beginning was frustrating. I contemplated heading home early, but figured I should suck it up since I'm going to be feeling even worse come the 100 miler. Anyways, threw on a few extra miles on the bluffs. Ended up being a great day. No mountain lions, but I did cross paths with a bobcat!

Fri- AM: 13 miles (1:46) Wilder-UCSC, 1543'
Solid Wilder loop this morning. Legs are pretty tired, but I guess I should be expecting that. The climbs hurt, but I hit the downhill in Pogonip hard and tried to put in a solid effort coming out of Pogo. Beautiful run overall...nice dip in the pool after. Also, no more double fiber toast before I run...too bloated. Gotta stick to the sweet potato/black beans!
PM: 7 miles (:55) West Cliff, 312'
Super east shake-out. Almost turned around to cut it short a few times, but I stuck with it and saw an awesome sunset. Legs felt great by the end of the run.

Sat- AM: 14 miles (1:57) Wilder-UCSC, 1631'
Legs are so tired. Took it really east this morning on the loop...almost decided to just to West Cliff, but didn't want to be on the pavement. The hills hurt, but it was a beautiful morning. Took it super easy down Pogonip. Not sure why I keep doing it, but I need to stop eating toast before I run! Decided to not do an easy run tonight after work...felt like they'd just be junk miles.

Sun- AM: 16 miles (2:10) Wilder-UCSC, 1626'
Solid Wilder loop with a few extra miles thrown in with the team. Felt A LOT better that I anticipated, especially since my original plan was to just hit West Cliff. I think it had to do with an easyish day yesterday/ no shake-out last night. The hills weren't that bad...focused on a nice steady pace with the guys. Cruised through UCSC and down Pogonip at a good clip. Ran in the NB 101's. AWESOME SHOE! I wanted to get out for a few miles after work, but I've been drained all day. Felt this was a solid week and another 5 miles wouldn't add anything.

-Miles: 125.5
-Hours: 17h 25min
-Vertical: 12,362'

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this week of training! In only ~7 months of running I've gone from racing a few 10k's, to ultras, and just recently to 110+ miles/week! It feels awesome, and I can't wait to challenge myself in the next few months leading up to Way Too Cool 50k and the American River 50 miler. I think I'm definitely going to shift my focus to the latter of the races and see how much I've improved since my first in October.


  1. Lovin' it man! Keep it up, good reading:)

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy reading yours, so I thought I'd give it a shot! Plus, it keeps me honest with my training ha. =]

  3. Krupicka has a lot to answer to I think. Add to your blog list.

  4. I'm hoping to give him a run for his money at the American River 50 mile =]